About Home Check of Sun City

Hi! I’m Jeff


I am an active member of the Sun City Sheriff’s Posse. I patrol every inch of Sun City and know areas that are being targeted by crime. I want to take a bite out of crime and do my part to keep our beautiful city safer. This position also gives me inside information on where crime is happening and what to look for.

Your home means a lot to you.

That’s Where I come In.

We love our city and its residents. I have seen many instances of crime recently that may present a higher risk of your home being a target. We are experiencing an increasing number of homeless that are being pushed into Sun City from neighboring cities, that have their own police force. We rely on Maricopa County Sheriff Office to patrol our city. The problem is that we have over 23,000 homes and only two Sheriff officers to patrol. We want to do our part in helping our residents be safer and more secure when they are not home. As a Sun City resident, you most likely heard of a neighbor or friend that has been a victim of burglary or assault. We felt an obligation and duty to make our city safer.

Fifteen years as a Realtor made me well-aware of the many needs clients when they purchased their primary or second home. They worked hard to buy their most valuable asset and they want to make sure it’s protected when they aren’t there. As a Realtor, it was imperative to know everything about a home and it’s surroundings. I know your neighborhood intimately, because we live here year-round. Especially our northern neighbors from Canada and abroad. During this pandemic, they were unable to check on their homes and I have heard horror stories ranging from: flooded homes to squatters living undetected in someone’s home. I wanted to be that safety net for those that want to feel secure, knowing that they have a professional checking on their home inside and out.

15 Years As A Realtor

I know how to inspect all areas of your home. Exterior inspection and assessment of any potential issues from yard maintenance, irrigation issues, storm damage, signs of forced entry. Interior inspection experience looking for issues regarding plumbing, HVAC, pest control and more. I complete an extensive checklist of inspections and do not cut corners. I treat your house inspection like a pilot checks his plane. One missed item could prove disastrous!.

Honesty And Integrity

As a volunteer for several organizations, we find ways to always be giving back to our city. We are appropriately named, “City of Volunteers” for a reason! I am an active member of the Sun City Posse and provide assistance to our residents. That assistance may require me to be a first responder, a patrolman to check on suspicious persons or switching out a light bulb! As part of the Posse, we are held in the highest regard of honesty and integrity among our residents. We are also volunteers for the Maricopa County Parks. We volunteer in many capacities from: Trail cleanup, building maintenance, event support and visitor information guides.

Well Connected In Sun City

We have a network of contractors and handymen that can fix/repair any issues that may arise from storms, break-ins or age. It’s extremely important to have people on the ready should you need something repaired while you are out of town. This network has been vetted and all are licensed, insured and bonded. It is almost impossible to find, vet and hire a contractor when you are not here. I take that worry out and you can be sure, it will be repaired, under my supervision. I will then give you progress reports and send all invoices to you immediately.

The right choice for you.

First and foremost, we are your neighbors. We care about your home as if it was our own. We strive to make our neighborhood safer. We have found that our neighbors become extensions of our family and we place a high value on giving you the best service. Being within a short golf car ride away from your home places us within minutes of your home should any emergency arise.

Licensed, insured and bonded for your protection. You can be confident in knowing that Home Care of Sun City, LLC is registered in Maricopa County. We are also bonded. It is important to have only contractors that have taken all the required steps to be operating legally. We will also be able to let other contractors in under our supervision. If you can’t be here, I can!

We are fulltime residents of Sun City. You never have to worry about coverage in the off-season. We operate 12 months /year and are available 24/7 if needed. We are also proud business partners of SCHOA and active Sun City Posse Patrolman.

We're only a golf cart ride away!

Let us check your home!