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Each year, many seasonal residents have had the misfortune of coming back to their winter home only to find their homes damaged by monsoons, pests, tripped breakers, or worse, burglars. They may have had a friend or neighbor “watching” their house when they had a chance. Is your home not worthy of having a professional, not just looking at your house, but inspecting it inside and out, to see if there are any potential issues or signs of forced entry?

What could you be risking? First of all, they may say it’s not an imposition to “give a look” now and then. But, if it’s not a priority to thoroughly inspect your property, chances are, things WILL be missed. Sure, you could roll the dice and hope nothing happens while you are gone. But is that an intelligent decision? You may only incur minor repairs, or you could potentially suffer a total loss of your home and contents.

Sun City is seeing record numbers of homeless people pour into our city. This is because neighboring cities have their own police force to drive them out of their city, right into ours. As a Sun City Posse Patrolman, I see firsthand how they can cause anxiety as they panhandle for money. But even more distressful is the fact that many are burglarizing Sun City homes and vehicles to support their drug habits. Unfortunately, this is City wide and is not contained to one or two areas. They are bathing in people’s pools or using their garden hoses, living on their patios and in some cases, squatting in unoccupied homes.

Home Check of Sun City, LLC provides you, not only detailed updates, and reports of each check, but gives you piece of mind that your home has been thoroughly checked for any obvious issues. We perform an extensive checklist of items that will give you confidence knowing your home is functioning as if someone is still there.

If we find an issue, we will immediately contact you. Depending on the situation, you will decide if you need us to arrange for repair from a vetted contractor list. We can also provide service to let the contractor in, verify that work was completed, then secure the home.

Home Watch is a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues.

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Welcome to Home Check of Sun City, LLC! We are year-round residents and are proud to be Sun City’s exclusive home watch company, based right here in Sun City. We provide services that take the worry out of leaving your home and property. We provide services depending on the owners preference: weekly, biweekly, etc. We do a thorough inspection inside/out and look for obvious issues that may require attention. We also follow a random schedule to provide better coverage and security. Whether your gone for a week or years (foreign citizens just experienced not being able to check on their homes due to the pandemic!), we will put your mind at ease knowing that your biggest investment is safe.

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